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Play The Money Drop Game Online and win real money

If you bet £1 on the Money Drop you could win £960.

The Money Drop Game Online Game for real money is one of those games, which are simple and effective, and for some strange reason you cannot get enough of them.

The Online Money Drop Game for prizes is based on the Channel 4 game show, The Million Pound Live Drop.

In one word, this game is addictive.

How to Play The Real Money Drop Game Online

The aim of The Million Pound Drop is to take as much money as you can through each of the five rounds. Choose your stake, and then divide your money between the trap doors.

In each round all but one trapdoor will drop, claiming any money you have put on it. The money on the trap door that does not go down will the amount you take through to the next round. There are five rounds in total.

You can also change the number of trapdoors in The Money Drop game online and the number of rounds you want to play, but unfortunately this also reduces the amount you can win.

The Online Money Drop Game for prizes Strategy

A low risk strategy when you play would be to put all your money evenly on each of the trapdoors. This ensures you will come away winning something, but it may not be the amount you hoped for.

A high risk strategy when you play for cash prizes would be to put all your money between two of the trap doors, which obviously carries more of a risk, but could really boost your final winnings.

So the question is, will you play it safe to win a few extra pounds or will you risk it to win big amounts of real money online?

Who would The Money Drop Game suit?

The Million Pound Drop is suitable for anyone to play. There are no questions requiring specialist knowledge and no complicated strategies to get your head around.

Layout of The Online Money Drop Game for cash prizes

In terms of layout, the online Money Drop game for real money is clean and simple. It uses quite dark colours, but the text is light and easy to read. The game runs soothly and this all adds to the addictive nature of the Million Pound Drop.

The Money Drop Online Game for money Conclusion

Overall, the online million Pound Drop Game is a great, addictive game with the potential to win way more than your original stake.

There are no difficult strategies and no complicated general knowledge question to battle through. The real money online game itself is quick and is not against a timer so there is no rush. An addictive game that is quick and fun to play.

Online Money Drop Game

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